DIY Sybian: How to make a homemade Sybian Sex Machine

A Sybian is a sex toy that you ride, sort of like a mechanical bull. It stimulates your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously while you rock back and forth on it.

I’ve never had the luxury of trying one myself, but many ladies swear by them. Unfortunately, they are expensive!

The cheapest models sell for $800+, which I – and I imagine many others – are not willing to pay.

Making your own sybian is a fun and easy way to get the most out of your sex life, as well as save a few buck.

With just a few simple steps, you can have a machine that will make you feel amazing.

Here’s how to do it:

Making my homemade Sybian – the most fun DIY project

This week I ventured out to my local home improvement store in order to make a homemade sybian. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the proper equipment. That is why this article will be useful for you girls who want your own sybian but don’t have one of those fancy schmancy expensive ones from the internet.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An electric motor with a speed controller (I got mine from a vacuum at the thrift store)
  • A wooden board -A round rubber thing that goes under chairs that gets all their dirt off it
  • Some kind of springy material that stuff like lawn chair pads are made of -duct tape and other supplies that are obvious
  • If you’re really adventurous then combine it with card games for couples.

Putting it together

As far as putting this together goes, I’ll let you figure that out. It should be pretty self-explanatory though. Just make sure it’s on a smooth surface so nobody gets splinters when they ride it.

To get it to the right height, I’d recommend using some furniture sliders under the board. They can be bought at any hardware or home improvement store for about 5 bucks or less for 50 of them if you have Amazon Prime like me, which is totally worth it in my opinion.

Riding it

Now here comes the fun part….the riding! You just hop on this thing and start lifting your feet up and down while keeping your knees bent because you’ll want to stay balanced. The harder you pump your legs back and forth, the better.

If you find that this isn’t doing it for you, then simply change up the speed of your strokes with the controller. You can also press harder against it or use more springy material if you need to.


This is definitely a DIY sybian where there are no rules about what you can and cannot do!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my homemade sybian. I had a load of fun making it and then riding it all night long. Let me know if this was helpful or if there are any questions.

You can find more inspiration here:

Another option

Parts needed:

The box (3’x2’x1′ or smaller will do)    $20 – $79
A power drill with bits$40 – $49
A four outlet extension cord and timer (like the ones used for christmas lights, just get one that has multiple settings and can be set to turn off after a certain period of time)~$6 – ~$13 each from home depot
A 12 volt battery~$4 – $13, depending on what you want to use for a battery
Wire nuts or solder and soldering iron~$0-20

Tools needed

The armature from an electric toothbrush (see note 1 below)~Free with the toothbrush
A drill bit slightly smaller than the screw that attaches the brush part of the armature to the base plate (see note 2 below)~Free if you have an electric drill already
Wires, either speaker wire or wires for christmas lights (see note 3 below)~Free if you have them already
Wire clippers~Free if you have basic tools already

Total cost of this DIY Sybian Sex Machine: $70 – $174

Note 1: My Sybian was not the best sex machine i made using an armature from a Remington electric toothbrush (~$4). Make sure that your armature has the screw hole in it, since this will make attaching the armature to the box much easier. If there isn’t a screw hole in the base of your armature, I would recommend adding one with a drill. You can use any type of electric toothbrush so long as it comes with an armature that has a screw hole in it.

Note 2: Drill the appropriate size hole where the brush part attaches to the armature’s base plate (in my case, I had to drill one with 9/64″ diameter). This will make it easier to attach your armature to your box later on; otherwise, you might have some trouble attaching everything together if that spot is too thick for you to drill into. If you want an even better tutorial than mine for this part, check out Christopher Waugh’s blog post about making his own homemade Sybian. He includes some great advice in there about measuring and which exact bits work best. Note 3: The speaker wire from Christmas lights works just fine here (~$0 – $2) and the set I bought had multiple colors which made it easier to distinguish between positive and negative. The color-coding on your lights may be different, but that’s okay too because you can follow this nifty little chart to help you figure out which wire is which regardless of whether or not they’re marked.

Note 4: In Christopher Waugh’s blog post about making his own homemade Sybian, he said that “the quickest way [to solder all of the components together] was simply to twist the wires from the power cord + battery snap together with one hand while holding a hot soldering iron against them with my other hand.” This requires a fair amount of dexterity, so if you’re worried about yourself just use a wire nut instead.

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