…fall asleep to a story

We made SnoozeCast because we missed bedtime stories

We tried falling asleep with audiobooks and podcasts, but lost our place when we fell asleep and they kept “reading” to us.

Sleep timers work in theory, but you never know how long it will take to fall asleep, and resetting them ends up waking us back up.

Mom knew when we fell asleep, and would save our place.

SnoozeCast reads you to sleep and saves your place when you fall asleep.

It uses an easy to snooze sleep timer that you don’t even have to look at to reset.

SnoozeCast’s steps to sleep…

1. Press play and put your phone near where your hand will rest.

2. A 5 minute sleep-timer starts. In the last minute the volume slowly lowers.

3. If you’re still awake, give your phone a small knock to reset your sleep timer.

…or forget step 3 and sleep in peace, with your place saved.

Fall asleep tonight with your favorite podcasts or one of The Classics.

SnoozeCast includes 40+ free audiobooks authors like Alexander Dumas, Charles Dickens, and more; with more being added.

If current events are your thing, you can access all the podcasts on your iPhone that you download through the Podcast app.

Get it for Tonight

SnoozeCast includes 40+ of free audiobooks. All current and future free audiobooks are made possible thanks to Librivox. We’ve made a small donation to them to say thanks and hope you’ll consider donating too.