What is an Onahole? The Complete Guide to Onaholes

What is an onahole?

An onahole is a male masturbation toy that was invented in Japan. It is made of soft, flexible material and is shaped like a woman’s vagina.

Onaholes come in many different sizes, colors, and textures. They can be purchased online or at sex shops in Japan and a lot of other countries.

The price for an onahole ranges from $10 to $100. There are hundreds of different onaholes available on the market today.

Some people prefer onaholes over other male masturbation toys because they are more realistic and provide a better experience than other products.

Onahole definition

The Onahole is a product of Otona Japan, a company that has been in the adult toy business since 1991. They have made a name for themselves with their “real feel skin” toys—silicone rubber versions of female anatomy that simulate sex and fellatio e.g. a realistic sex doll. The Ona-hole (オナホール) represents the next generation in fake intercourse technology, because it takes things one step further: It feels like an extra small girl anus [1].

Anus [n.] 尻穴(しりあな) – ass/asshole/booty/butt/bunghole (literal translation: butt hole; expressions: arse/arsehole; back

Onahole vs. Fleshlight

If you’re looking for a new way to get off, you may be wondering what the difference is between a fleshlight and an onahole.

Both of these products are designed to give you an amazing sexual experience, but they each have their own unique features.

In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between fleshlights / sex dolls and onaholes, so you can decide which one is right for you!

Flesh-light is a toy for when you want to feel it but you can’t touch it. It feels like a real girl. Ona-hole is not a toy because it feels just like the real thing and you can touch it too.

Novelty manufacturers, in their efforts to out do each other in manufacturing the most realistic masturbator, have produced Fleshlight and Tenga. Ona-hole goes a logical step further by physiologically simulating a girl’s vagina or anus – with internal ridges/bumps for extra stimulation – and it is hands free. This means you can do things like watch porn while you play without having to be a contortionist. Or go on Reddit, read an article about economic theory, put your phone down on the bed beside you and then proceed to spend half an hour looking at something that doesn’t make you wince as you think “I’ve been there”.

Ordering an Onahole – where and how to buy it

Onahole is a masturbator from Japan for when you want to feel it and touch it.

Onahole has been around since 2010 but no English site would sell them, so I never got one. Now you can buy onahole at MotsuToys, so I placed an order immediately. 8 holes in all, plus this nectar lotion was included free of charge.:

The package arrived after 10 days (considering China Post’s bad habit). Inside the box there were several hole packages wrapped in individual plastic bags, together with some lubricant sachets. I also ordered another 3 items that should arrive soon…

Onahole number 001

This section will be reviewing onaho number 001 (pink). First I’ll say that all of the holes were well received by me; I got them about 2 weeks ago, but this one has been played with the most because of its larger size.

The measurements for this type are: 3in x 3in x 5in (empty); when full it takes 8 fl oz. It cost 1800 yen without tax (about us$20) making it about $2 an ounce including water. Very economical!

I find this hole much more fun to use than the other two because of its size. The length gives me enough room to put my nose in and still have some breathing room, but short enough that it fits nicely in between my butt checks when I’m laying flat on my stomach (I like to be able to lay completely flat when using an onahole; otherwise it’s painful). Another great feature is the length also allows for me to suck in air through the hose while laying.

Getting a nice full sniff out of this type is really simple. All you have to do is hold your finger over one nostril, take a deep breath though the other, then close off that nostril at the same time you open your

Cleaning an Onahole

There are multiple ways to clean an onahole, but the best way to do it is with a cleaning solution.

Ona-solution was created to exactly this end, and it’s what I personally use when masturbating. The main ingredient in ona-solution is hydrogen peroxide(H2O2). It kills 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, virus’, fungi, yeast…

Basically everything except for some rare diseases which aren’t common in the environment around here (in Europe). Peroxide has been said to be somewhat harsh on skin/mucous membranes because these are damaged by ozone layer depletion from pollution and other factors.

However it actually greatly helps against viruses which have no membrane whatsoever so they can’t repair themselves after being split open by the Hydrogen peroxide. If you’re interested in more dolls. Find your favorite sex doll here.

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