We’re a Danish based team that loves stories and everything about the process, working to build our own story by helping others to share theirs!

The Team


Ben Watanabe

Pretending to know product design and development; while reusing lessons from co-founding past startups, and working with 50 Cent and Cookpad.

(CEO & Founder)

@benWTNB • Medium


Dave Smith

Keeping things on track, getting to know our customers through more than marketing and giving straight feedback and advice like he did as a VC at DG. 

(Co-Founder & Operations)


Hengtee lim

Helping us tell 96’s story and writing all new ones for us too, while growing a community of writers who are excited to try new ways to write.

(Writer & Editor)

@Hent03 • Medium


Torben Kikkert

Letting us know exactly how Danish food tastes, “a variety of things,” and bringing a more exacting attitude to architecting the LongShorts platform!

(Platform Architect)

Nancy T.

Calligraphing inspiring messages and doodles on sticky notes for our team and adding some “flava!” (as she says) to our apps. 

(UI & Graphic Design)

Alice Tomaselli

Bringing a happy attitude into the office and spreading that to artists all around the world while growing a community of talented writers.

(Community Outreach)

Past Contributors

We’re lucky to have friends and a network that got involved in the short-term, to help us move projects along faster!


Johnny Grattan

A great friend of the team and the developer behind Look Up.

Lee Hericks

A master of all things text, and implementer of Rough Draft‘s strikeouts.


Eric Roberts

An awesome intern that got Rough Draft features and guest posts everywhere!

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