it’s just a first Rough Draft

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Just Remember…

“The first rough draft of anything is s***.” (E. Hemingway)

Forgetting that it’s about your rough idea, not perfect words, makes it tough to get in a good “flow.”

On a computer, it’s easy edit and forget it’s just a rough draft. Your words look perfect and final, so you try to write a first and final draft at the same time.

We wanted a text editor writing app that offers the natural rough reminders of paper.

That’s why in Rough Draft there’s no deleting.

The delete key becomes a strikethrough key, so with each edit your draft gets rough reminding you it’s a rough draft.

Still typos happen, so for a second after pressing space you can fix

wrote, "[First Rough Draft] forces you to focus on getting your thoughts on the page rather than endless doodling with the language." ⎋

Sometimes we’re flowing in a draft of a post when we stop to search for a picture.

Don’t settle for less than perfect… later, try placeholders now.

A picture is can be worth a thousand words. Placeholders help you frame where pictures, gifs, videos, quotes, charts and any supporting content will come later. The Next Web wrote, “A useful addition to the app is the ability to add labeled placeholders for images, videos and other embeds you may want to add later. The idea here is that searching for the perfect image can distract you from your creative flow.” ⎋

We hope Rough Draft will only be your first step, so it is easy to revise your draft in your favorite text-editor or publishing platform by exporting clean.

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When I write and delete it’s about getting my words ideas out. When I edit draft in a notebook the ideas vision just comes out. It’s not great perfect, but it’s done. writing in cafe Write / Export

When I write it’s about getting my ideas out. When I draft in a notebook the vision just comes out. It’s not perfect, but it’s done.

[image of: writing in cafe…]

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All placeholders export as compatible replaceable text, with all strikeouts removed.
*This is the only paid feature BloombergBusiness summed it up writing, “[First Rough Draft] encourages writers to keep moving forward[…]this program is just for your first, rough run-through. ” ⎋

You’ve probably heard enough from us… but what about them?

Have a look at this App fellow writers: First Draft from 96 Problems: heaven for your first draft— Donyale MacKrill (@DonyaleMacK) October 26, 2015

First Draft gave me perspective; helped me understand how I approach the writing process.— Hengtee Lim (@Hent03) November 25, 2015

@96_Problems 5 Star Review for First Draft! Thank you so much for putting together such an outstanding app that enables a writer to write!— TmagiK (@tkuder) November 5, 2015

(The first draft of Rough Draft’s name was First Draft)

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Want to know a little more first?

How does Flow & Rough Draft work?

Decreased prefrontal cortex activity and self-consciousness, along with beta and theta waves are associated with flow. Flow is like being lost in the moment, forgetting time. Rough Draft encourages flow by forgetting editing.


The parietal lobe is active during critical thinking. This can be great for finding typos and refining, but not helpful when trying to write or form your ideas. Rough Draft actively discourages looking back at what you wrote. (Admittedly we are not brain scientists, but we have developed Rough Draft and tested its effects using Emotiv’s EEG brain scanners)

Download Rough Draft to see everything including …

Draft Management keeping your drafts organized.


Prompts from r/WritingPrompts, for inspiration or a few morning pages.

Simple settings to create the environment that you want to write in.

Dark and Light modes to suit your mood and environment.

Focused Writing automatically fades all the buttons away once you start typing.