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Everyst brings together a new kind of real-time story that fits long-form fiction into the short moments that you have to yourself throughout the day…

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Before Everyst, we made many “simple solutions for small problems” for writers and their audiences.

Most of these apps are no longer on the app store, but you can see their product pages below. If you feel like you’ve just got to have them, or if you’d be interested in collaborating on them please get in touch! We just don’t have the time to maintain them, so thought it was more responsible to remove them from the app store… for now! (and probably for the foreseeable future…)

For Writers:

Rough Draft makes editing tough, so writing is easy, that way you can get over the pressure of writing a perfect final draft on your first rough pass.

Look Up is an easy way to stay fresh all day with small reminders to stretch, rest your eyes, and set small goals for your next 20 minutes.

Offline Time is for when the online world can wait, because the only world you want at your fingertips is the one you’re writing.

For readers, listeners, & watchers:

SnoozeCast lets you fall asleep with stories in an audiobook or podcast, without having to worry about pausing it before you fall asleep.

Their Medium makes it easy to find their Medium writing directly from their twitter profiles and brings you one step closer to their stories.

The SmartHolder is a keychain to hold your earphones and be able to enjoy movies on your phone all with your hands free.

NoMoreSpoilers is a Chrome extension designed to hide the preview pictures and synopsizes for episodes on Hulu and Netflix