Making simple apps and products to solve small problems, we try to release a new solution every 1-3 months. 

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The Team


Ben Watanabe

Designing the products and the workplace, while trying to help the products cross the chasms.

(Founder & Designer)

Medium  • @benWTNB


Dave Smith

Keeping things on track and offering the same straight feedback and advice he did as a VC at Digital Garage. 

(Co-Founder & Operations)


Naoto ida

Not discriminating towards any platform regardless of maker and developing whatever necessary. 

(Mobile Developer)


Past Team Members & Supporters


Johnny Grattan

A great friend of the team and the developer behind Look Up.


Lee Hericks

A master of all things text, and implementer of First Draft's strikeout method.

Corey Lee

A talented full-stack designer and developer that helped with First Draft.

Be a Problem Solver? (iOS & MKTNG)