Do you make these drafting mistakes?

  1. I delete too much, taking one step back for every few forward.
  2. I start googling supporting pictures, quotes, or get hung up on other details.
  3. I focus on my words more than getting my idea out.

We were making these mistakes…

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If you're on your phone

…so we decided to try and do something about it.

We're not writers, but we strive pretend to be.

So on a desert disconnected island, we unplugged and started writing on paper.

We were writing to write, not to perfect edit. It was between us and the paper.

What we wrote wasn't final, but it was a rough draft.

Our story is approaching its end, but yours with Rough Draft could be just beginning

Rough Draft is for those that feel there's just something special about paper.

Everything you write in Rough Draft has a permanence like on paper and can't be deleted.

Your big picture is easy to frame, with pictures placeholders.

A picture can be worth a thousand words, give them the attention they deserve… later.

It was designed to be the best place to finish start.

Get your ideas out and then finish them in your favorite text-editor.

Our mission is getting ideas out.

Sharing matters to us more than perfection. Worse than being misunderstood, is going unheard. It's okay if our ideas aren't perfect, because they're just beginning. Our writing is not a sermon, but the beginning of a conversation. There will always be time to refine and revise later. The only thing that can't be fixed, is not having started now.

Join the writers already getting their ideas out in First Rough Draft.

(The rough draft of Rough Draft's name was First Draft)