Stay fresh developing physical & digital solutions

We're a small team that enjoys creating small apps and products that take anywhere from 1 day to a few months before release. We're getting practice with these small ideas, before moving on to a big idea that we're moving towards. We also love working on small products, because it gives us time to focus on the details.


We're looking to add…

Front-End & Server Devs

We're happy with our native apps team, and now looking to grow our cross-platform and web dev abilities.

Marketing & Biz Interns

We're looking for a pro in one of the following: community outreach, email marketing, and social media; and is excited to learn about the others.

UI / Design Intern

We have a good flow for our UX and are looking for someone who loves working on the UI, hopefully in Sketch!


Wonderful Writers

We're looking for writers who would never dream of using such a horrible alliteration. Writers who would love to tell their story in an all new way.



For Developers & Designers:
We design around the code and in code

Have designs work for your code, rough outlines of apps are decided, then comes your code, then designs around them.

Designs are done in PaintCode, meaning no pushing pixels in your code. (See our posts on it here)


For Marketers:
We enjoy developing our marketing & P.R. (personal relationships) strategies 


We approach marketing with the goal of making the people we meet smile 😄 regardless if they become a customer or not. We love getting replies like this, "Thank you so much for your kind, warm note […] You seem to be doing great things for others!"

We'd love you to join our team, helping get our solutions out and make people smile on Instagram, Intercom and more!


Stay fresh working on new projects

We release products every 1-3 months. We're building products not services, keeping things simple.

We build simple UNIX philosophy products, things that you might find on

We identify problems using Twitter, and sometimes do quick #1DayHacks just for fun.


We make small products that reach big audiences

Screenshot 2015-04-20 14.46.57.png

With features on top websites in the world, including: NPR, MacWorld, Wired, TechCrunch, and more.

Releases coordinated with ProductHunt, where our products have been featured at the top.

Our solutions have been featured at the top of the app store and reached #1 in their category and Top 10 overall.


Creating on the relaxed side of Shibuya…

We just finished renovating our small top-floor office with a nice balcony and outdoor working space. Come by for a cup of cold brew coffee or hot tea, and get to know our team.


We're not big believers in resumes, we'd rather…

We'd be happy to see your resume, but be more interested in getting to know you.

Hear what past projects have excited you, and what you enjoy developing.

See your personal projects, whether they're released or still in the vault.

Get to know you, and learn what you're about and want to do.


Some of the benefits we believe in…

Ownership by the team, meaning you would own a share of the company.

Paying it forward now too, with a full salary and insurance for employees

Enjoying dinner, meaning we go home by 6, keeping life in balance.

(sorry, but for interns the ownership and full salary/insurance don't apply)


More than the basics though…

We try to start off the week with small team activities

Everyone gets a chance to get their ideas out with #1DayHacks
And just enjoying the small victories and having fun in dumb ways.

We're a small team…


That hopes to grow a little bigger and more diverse.Our background is in design, marketing, venture capital, and development creating with great brands and teams like: Digital Garage, Cookpad, 50 Cent, and more.


Want our references?

We're happy to put you in contact with people from past teams we've worked with, so you can find out what we're really like!

We keep the interviews short & simple…

It's a simple 3 step process that can be completed in about 2 weeks including:

  1. A short office visit and then coffee at Asylum Roasters☕️ or lunch with Ben (96's founder)
  2. Low level code explanation/review explaining💬 a problem you solved to the team.
  3. Dinner and a team non-work related activity (bowling🎳, billiards🎱, arcade🎮, or anything!)

Apply with just your email

We'll be in contact soon to learn more about you, what you've done, and what you aim to do! 

Applying remote?
Get Updates on Future 96 Problems Positions & Products?
Get Updates on Future 96 Problems Positions & Products?