How to Finish Rough Drafts Faster

…without breaking your keyboard.

1. Start editing from the second draft
Writing and editing use different parts of your brain. Give both the full focus they deserve.

2. Don't stop to do "research"
Stay lost in your words, not on Google. Use placeholders for pictures, quotes, or anything you can't write now.

3. Break your delete key
Don't actually break it, but replace it with a strikethrough key. You won't perfect a word 10 times, when each deletion edit makes a mess.

Sometimes the simplest and starting steps can be the hardest. We had trouble following these tips, so we made Rough Draft to help us, and hopefully you too. Whether or not you start your next draft in Rough Draft, we hope these tips will help you get the first page of your first draft finished sooner. After all, the only thing that can't be fixed is a blank page.

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